9 Decluttering Projects to Tackle Before Summer Ends

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Summer’s end is the perfect time to do a decluttering run before the last two seasons of the year creep in. By now, the year’s accumulation probably has you waist-deep in unused items to get rid of.

You don’t have to spend too much time away from relaxation mode or lounging under the hot sun. Just spending 20-30 minutes a day in various areas can leave your home feeling fresh and new.

We advise that you declutter during the morning so that you get it out of the way. Accomplishing something early on in the day is also a great booster for the hours to come. Let’s get started.

1. The Linen Closet

It’s easy to fall into a haphazard organization of our linen closets, and even easier for the closet to get transformed into a multi-purpose space. Decide if you want just linens or if you want to add toiletry, cleaning supplies, and other items like personal care and even board games. 

If you want to keep your linen closet strictly for bed sheets, towels, and the like, you may take minimalism a step further. Keep only one extra set of each piece per room. Also, throw out threadbare linen as needed. 

2. The Fridge and Freezer 

If you haven’t done a deep clean of your fridge yet — now is the time. Pull out items with expiration dates and let go of what does not belong. If you haven’t been eating or drinking something for months, this is your cue to get rid of it. 

3. Clean Out the Games 

After a hot summer in which the kids no doubt spent a lot of time playing around, it’s a good idea to organize the games. Adult games like board games should also be cleaned out. 

Don’t see yourself playing monopoly with the gang for the next few years? Then store it somewhere safe, throw it out or donate it. Your kids may have outgrown some of their video games or outdoor toys. Those can be given away as well. 

4. Your Personal Garden 

Don’t feel bad if the sun finally dried up your precious plant babies. You can always try again with another one. But don’t hold out hope for that bare-stemmed greenery in your windowsill. It’s not a great look. 

Plus, decaying leaves tend to attract bugs that might cross over into your other thriving plants. Consider getting more durable plants next time and be more mindful of their upkeep. 

5. Your Beauty Products 

People are still learning that makeup expires. Here’s a quick rundown of how long common items last: 

Lipstick: 2 years 

Eyeshadow and blush: 2 years 

Concealer: 1 year 

Foundation: 6 months to 1 year

Sponges: 6 months

Liquid liners: 6 months

Mascara: 3 months 

Perfumes: 8 – 10 years

6. Bathroom Products

When it comes to bathroom products, the most common problem is duplicates. We’re talking lotions, sunscreens, and items you just have laying around that you know you won’t use — we’re looking at you, hotel samples! 

While you don’t have to get rid of everything, work hard to organize things better. Store samples in a travel bag for your future travels, group like items in stackable bins, and make use of labels.

7. Cabinets and Medicine

They’re everywhere and they’re still never enough. Make sure you have a handle on how your cabinets are being utilized. Use hooks and other separation tools to keep them neat. 

For your medicine cabinet, do a sweep of old prescription bottles and look for expiration dates on everything there. Chances are, you’ve got a lot of dumping to do here.

8. Arts and Craft Supplies 

The summer heat might have been scorching, but you probably still have dried up glue, markers, and paint to throw out. Seeing all the colors might inspire your family to do some last-minute summer crafts. 

Now is also the time to better organize your craft supplies using plastic bins and labels. If there’s one thing that’s excellent for bonding, it’s getting your creative juices flowing as a family. 

9. Home Decor Decluttering

It’s a good habit to switch up the look of your home every once in a while, but this typically means you’re piling up on home decor items. As the last item on our list, we’ll give you a few options on how to go about decluttering them. 

One method is storing one decor piece per day. This technique best applies to you if the item holds sentimental value in your life or it’s just something you’re holding onto because you bought it. At the end of the month, remove from the box any items you would feel too guilty about giving up. 

Another option for home decor decluttering is to hold a traditional garage sale. Unless items are seasonal and you won’t be using them, it may comfort you to know that others are delighted to have them in your home. 

Bonus Summer Decluttering Ideas

With summer also came a few items that you need to declutter as we’re nearing the season’s end. Outdoor furniture, tableware, and accessories might have piled up. Get rid of what you don’t need or pieces you can sell without missing them. 

Summer shoes you never use, extra water bottles, and the overwhelming variety of hats all can be cut down. Beach and pool accessories could also have lots of duplicates.

Another great option for items that don’t hold expiration dates and that you haven’t or won’t be using is to store them with us. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a fresh start for the last stretch of the year.