Top 20 Bathroom Organization Tips to Accelerate Your Get-Ready Routine

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Large or small, your bathroom is the place to be at least three times a day (most likely, more). So the more organized it is, the better for you to get in and out as quickly as possible — if you’re not lounging in the bath, that is.

The room where you clean yourself should naturally be clean itself. Those toilet paper rolls, linens, cleaning items, makeup, and more can and should have somewhere to go that’s out of the way. Optimize your bathroom space with these tips and ideas.

1. Install a shelving unit above your toilet.

Here you can put towels, extra rolls, new soap bars, and even some plant decor if you wish. You can either buy one in a store or turn this into a DIY project so it’s perfectly suited for your bathroom.

2. Use a tiered tray or basket organizer on the floor to make the most of your space.

Add elegance to your bathroom with a multi-level tray if you have extra floor space. A smaller tray could work well on the counter depending on the size.

3. Use small wall storage for everyday items.

Makeup items can be both an arm’s length away while not cluttering your counter. When purchasing ready-made caddies for this task, be sure to check what stick-on materials are used so they don’t damage your wall. You can also go magnetic or just make one yourself.

4. Use clear bins underneath your sink.

You’re probably already using the space below the sink. Avoid mess in this area by purchasing clear bins and label them for items like hair care, dental, skincare, etc. Alternatively, use stackable bins or a small drawer unit if you have no shelves.

5. Section your vanity drawers.

Are your bathroom drawers as messy as underneath your sink used to be? Clean it up as well by buying drawer dividers and placing them in ways that best suit how often you use small, daily items.

6. Use hooks wherever you can.

If you’re out of counter space, go crazy with wall hooks for your bathroom and hand towels, robes, and anything else that can hang. Make sure they match with your design.

7. Install over-the-door shelving.

If hooks aren’t your thing, try installing a wide shelf above your door. Keep a stepping stool close if it’s out of reach.

8. Lean a storage ladder on the wall.

For a really modern look, buy or make a ladder where you can hang towels, baskets of extra toilet paper, and add hooks for washcloths. These ladders maximize your space and are on-trend.

9. Use trays for your most beloved items.

Bring your personality to the bathroom counter by choosing a sleek, colorful tray, or perhaps one made out of wood. Put on it those items you find are most easy on the eyes and commonly used.

10. Spin items with turntable storage units.

Lazy Susans are not just for food. You can go with simple turntable trays for your bathroom cabinet or a cosmetics carousel that will maximize your counter space. Lazy Susans can be for both makeup and cleaning supplies while the vertical storage solution is best for makeup.

11. Designate your hair tools to one spot.

Avoid clutter from cords and rule out potential hazards as a result of forgetting to turn off electronics by assigning them to an over-the-door storage unit and always putting them away.

12. Double your shower rods.

If you have a big enough shower, consider installing a second rod near the wall and using s-hooks to hold loofahs, back scrubbers, and even a small caddy for other items.

13. Use cabinet doors wisely.

Purchase clear space-saving bins and attach them to the inside of your cabinet door. As needed, use labels and add notes to products with expiration dates. Hair tools, combs, brushes, etc can be stored here.

14. Use magnetic strips.

Nail clippers, tweezers, bobby pins, and other tiny tools are a headache to sort through when they’re not organized properly. Avoid that with some magnetic strips.

15. Use a rolling shelving unit.

Either repurpose your bar cart or purchase a rolling shelf — both are fashionable and provide extra storage for your bathroom.

16. Install secret shelves.

Optimize an item like a full-length mirror by adding a shelf behind it. This could be a fun DIY project or you could purchase a storage mirror online.

17. Purchase a shower dispenser.

Empty bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash often create clutter in the bathroom. Be more futuristic with a snazzy shower dispenser that simply requires the push of a button to get moving along.

18. Store bath toys in bags or waterproof bins.

We didn’t forget the kids! Keep their bathrooms organized and clean by putting toys in hanging bath-toy bags. Use suction cups to hang them for the toys to dry.

19. Use functional wall decor.

Think wine racks or a bookshelf — but smaller. Wall decor is both stylish and gets items off your counter while staying within close reach.

20. Use mason jars.

Place mason jars on the walls attached to a wooden board using hose clips for a chic look. Or just rest them in your cabinet. Put in them things like makeup brushes, toothbrushes, Q-tips, or cotton balls.

Now that you have the best tips to keep your bathroom as organized as possible, you can enjoy a hectic-free morning and feel better throughout the day.

More than likely you’d have had to replace some old bathroom items you had before. If you find your home still a little clogged, feel free to reach out to us for your storage needs.