10 Gift Ideas For a Clutter-Free Christmas

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If you’re like most of us, the thought of Christmas is starting to enter your mind. You may have a list of items for your loved ones or you may be struggling to determine what makes the perfect gift. At Crate It Storage, we talk a lot about ridding your home of clutter which is a total opposite to what typically happens at Christmas time. In this article, we outline a few non-clutter gift ideas for even the hardest person to buy for on your list. 

Homemade Food

Food and baked goods are always an excellent clutter-free choice. On top of that, these items are budget-friendly too. Put your items together in a cute basket, Christmas tin or mason jar decorated with ribbon. Homemade goods are an excellent addition to this heart as it’s also from the heart. Some common examples of items you can make are jam, cookies, caramel popcorn, popcorn balls, party mix, and more.

Event Tickets

Many couples or families spend a good portion of their income on event tickets and outings. By purchasing event tickets as a Christmas gift, you are helping your loved ones save money and get enjoyment out of the activities they enjoy so much. Here are some examples of the kinds of event tickets you can gift: tickets to a local amusement park or zoo, gift cards for movies, tickets to a sporting event, or tickets to an upcoming concert.

A Class or A Lesson

Classes or lessons are a great gift to both give and receive. It’s a great opportunity to get out and learn something new, meet new people and enjoy a new hobby. There are a variety of options if you choose this as your clutter free gift. Some options include cooking classes, swimming lessons, ski lessons, dance classes, craft classes and more.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always an excellent option-especially for those hard to buy individuals. Almost every store offers a gift certificate now, making it easy to find something that fits for everyone. On top of that, many vendors such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Wal Mart carry many gift card options in one convenient location. Consider buying a gift card for a loved ones favourite restaurant, clothing store, or even a general Visa card so they can use the card anywhere for anything.


Fitbits and other fitness trackers are increasingly popular year after year. While this gift is physical, it doesn’t take up much space since it stays on the wrist of the recipient most of the time. This is an especially thoughtful gift if you have someone on your list who is working toward a fitness goal, preparing for a marathon or is generally interested in their fitness level. 

Family Photos

For those looking to give to their family and close friends, consider having updated family pictures taken. Have them printed for each of your recipients, and gift them an updated photo year after year. It’s a thoughtful gift, that doesn’t take up space and ensures your loved ones always have current photos of your family, especially your children.

Start a Blog or Website

If you have an avid writer in your family who has a ton to share but is struggling to get it out there, consider setting up a blog or website for them. With a little technical experience (or the hiring of someone with tech experience) a blog can be setup easily and edited to meet the recipient’s likes.

A Kindle

There are many avid readers out there whose homes are drowning in books and/or magazines. A Kindle is a perfect option for the avid reader on your list. Kindle allows your loved ones to enjoy their love of reading without having to wonder where to store their next set of books when they are finished. Another bonus, many books are slightly cheaper to purchase on Kindle.

Amazon Prime

Online shopping is a popular option for many individuals. People are even starting to order everyday household items from the online space. If you have someone who is an avid shopper and deal seeker on your list, gift them an Amazon Prime membership. The benefits of membership are huge and include free shipping, streaming of movies and TV, streaming of music and more! A great way to give an awesome all-around gift, and save your loved one money all year long too!


Offering services as a gift is our last clutter-free option. There are a few ways you can give services as gifts from a gift certificate for a massage, haircut, car wash or house cleaning service to offering your own services as a gift. Offering to babysit, help with home projects, or take pictures for a loved one is an excellent way to give a clutter-free and budget-friendly gift. 

If you’re big on clutter-free gifts, we would love to hear what ideas you have used in the past that are a success!