How To: Simplify Your Seasonal Home Cleaning

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Seasonal home cleaning can get the best of all of us sometimes. The seasonal cleaning to-do list is long, and even when you’re feeling motivated to get it done, it can feel overwhelming. Here are five tips to help you simplify your seasonal home cleaning chores, regardless of which season.

Minimize the number of cleaning supplies.

When you walk into any store, you can clearly see there are thousands of options for cleaning products to choose from. One way to simplify your seasonal cleaning checklist is by keeping your supply options simple. Look for cleaners that can be used in more than one space, and cloths that can be used for more than one surface as well. Keeping your supplies straight forward saves you time when it comes time to tidy up your home each season.

Set a timer to complete chores. 

Because seasonal cleaning lists are long and time is in short supply for most people-even on their days off from work-setting a timer can really help you tackle your to-do list in an efficient manner. Take a look at your day and see if there is any time that you have even a few minutes to spare. Set a timer on your phone for 10-15 minutes and work quickly to get as many chores completed in that time frame as possible. Maximizing use of your time will leave you feeling accomplished instead of frustrated with your progress.

Focus on one room at a time.

When you are cleaning try focusing on one room of your home at a time. Clean your way from top to bottom and when you have completed each item on your to-do list, move onto the next room. In most homes, 20 minutes is enough time to make a significant dent in the to-do list for each room in your home.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

There are a ton of checklists out there that dedicate cleaning tasks for each day of the week. For some those may work, but for many, they just add unnecessary pressure to your already busy schedule. Instead of focusing on what small chores you should be doing each day of the week, make a short to-do list in your home. If it takes you a week or two to get all of your household chores completed, so be it. Work cleaning into your schedule when it works for you. It’s more important to be present for your family and take care of your self-care routine too.

Do what you can and forget about the rest.

Make yourself a list of all the items you would like to get done during each seasonal clean. Also, leave yourself room for flexibility. As your schedule and other commitments become a higher priority, allow yourself some wiggle room. When you create your to-do list, separate your tasks into items you must do and items that can be skipped if you run out of time. Focus on the must-do items first and finish up with the flexible items as time permits. 

Seasonal cleaning can be a big undertaking, however, using these 5 tips will simplify this process. Do you have a process you use when completing your seasonal cleaning? We’d love to hear what works for you!