5 Tricks to Motivate Yourself to Get Organized

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Getting organized tops many peoples list of New Year’s resolutions. Here we are in February, and many people may be procrastinating getting started on this task. The truth is getting organized can truly be a bit of a mind over matter situation and not quite as big of a task as it initially seems.

Here are five tips to help you get motivated to get organized.

Mindset Shift

If you’re only wanting to get organized to make things look good, you need to change your mindset. Getting organized needs to be a gateway to a bigger goal. Think about the large, and long term benefits of getting organized-save time, save money, or make the items you need easily accessible. Remind yourself that getting organized will help decrease your anxieties, stress and eliminate distractions around you.

Make the Payoffs Visible

If you have no problem starting to get organized but struggle to follow through try writing your goal on a sticky note and leave it where you’ll see it on the regular. These reminders put your payoff right under your nose and will encourage you to reach your goals faster. If you’re working in larger areas, work either top to bottom or right to left and take breaks. It will be excellent motivation for you to see your hard work pay off during your break when you focus on one area at a time.

Eliminate Distractions

Organizing involves a lot of decision making so keep the tunes to a minimum while completing your tasks. Many people get distracted and break out into song and dance, so be sure to keep your environment quiet to help your mind focus.

Make a Team Effort

In common areas of your home, get all members of your team to help out. Analyze, strategize, and organize as you go. When analyzing, you each need to definite the objects that you’re always in need of or items that you’re regularly searching for. When strategizing, work with your family to figure out what you want the space to look like when it’s done. When organizing, start sorting through items into groups for the trash, to donate, and to keep. Allowing everyone to help gives each member of your family the independence to make decisions about their own items.

Plan for the Future

Let’s be realistic. Who is going to remember where every single thing goes? Set yourself up for success while using labels to clearly mark where items belong. This will help trigger your memory and that of your family members. On top of that, commit to putting everything back in its place before you leave a room. It only takes a few minutes tops and will save you a ton of headaches.

Now is the time to get organized. If you’re ready, need assistance or need to put some items into storage to make space in your home get in touch with us today!