Start The New Year Off Right…Organized!

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We’re into the full swing of 2019 now. Are you feeling organized at work or are you overwhelmed? A new year has one effect or the other and we would love to hear where you’re at! If you’re feeling organized and ready to take on the new year, we are super excited for you! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got your back!

Here are three things you can do to ensure 2019 is your most organized year in the office.

Organize Your Files

By December, your cabinets and folders are probably bursting at the seams with paperwork. It’s important to take the time to purge old paperwork, file items that need to be filed and make room for what’s to come. Invest in a bankers box, or get one from your office storage room. Clearly mark the year on it, empty your filing cabinet into it and place it in a secure place. When you’re going through your files, really consider if the document will be relevant in years to come, or if you need to keep it for legal/tax reasons. Where you can, utilize digital storage to decrease your environmental impact and for physical storage reasons. Ensuring your files are in good working order right away at the beginning of a new year, sets you up for simple filing, less lost time searching for what you need and keeps your office in a clutter-free state.

Take Inventory

Take a look around your office. If you’re like most people, as you got busy last year, papers and other items began to pile up in different areas of your office. Before you knew it, you are buried in clutter that includes papers that need to be filed or shredded, extra supplies and equipment, books, extra technology items, and more. Any items that are not being used regularly will need to be taken care of. Keep the supplies and equipment you use on a regular basis on or in your desk and store any extras in a cabinet/closet or storage room. Tuck your books away onto a bookshelf, or return to the owner if you’ve borrowed them from someone else. Extra technology items can be fun to have around but also create a big distraction. Place these items in your desk drawers or in another cabinet to encourage productivity during working hours. Find a dedicated space for everything in your office and stick to it. Doing so will make it easy to tidy up in only a few minutes at the end of every day.

Make a Plan

Look back on last year and review what you accomplished. Do you feel satisfied or are you left wishing you had gotten more done? Decide what you want to accomplish this year, whether you are employed or self-employed, and create a plan to make it happen. Approach your supervisor to inform them of your plan to improve your place of work and ask for their support even if that means you need to cut down on distractions like taking emails and phone calls for a short period of time every week/month/etc. As long as you’re working on money-making activities, most supervisors will be on board. Having an organized plan and an organized office to work in are both ways to put your best foot forward to feeling completely satisfied in your accomplishments at this time next year.

What are your goals for the new year? We’d love to hear what you’re working on and how working in a cluttered or uncluttered office has made a difference in your productivity in the past!