How to Be Organized This Holiday Season

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While the holidays are full of joy, festivities, family, and friends, they can also be full of stress. Stress at the holidays can come in many forms and there are a few organizational things you can do to ensure that you’re fully enjoying the holiday season.


The first key to being stress-free this Christmas is to plan. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, make a list of everything you want and need to get done with dates you’d like to have them completed. Setting these deadlines will help you to stay on schedule. Once you have your list ready, look at it from a realistic point of view and determine right off the hop if you need to remove some items. The reality is that you may not have time for everything if your schedule is already full.

Check your supplies

It’s time to look through your stock of supplies. Check to see how much wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons you have. If you have a ton (like most of us do!) you may be able to get by with the supplies you already have. Using up your stock before buying new will not only help you save money during the holidays but also rid your home of some extra clutter.

Manage your mail

The greeting cards will begin rolling in anytime now (if they haven’t already). Holiday cards are one of the best things to receive during the holidays, but they can clutter up your space in a hurry. Get yourself a nice decorative container or box to lay cards in as you open them or look for options to hang cards on online or at your local home décor store.


When planning your gift buying, first make a list of who you need to buy for and what you end up buying for them. After you’re done, instead of throwing your list away, hold onto it for next year for reference. As you shop, file all your receipts in one central location too. That way if you have any returns or exchanges, they’re easy to find.

Meal Plan

If you’re cooking this year, plan and stick with it. Gathering your recipes and making an ingredient list at least 2 weeks in advance is crucial to being organized. Look through your ingredient list and see what you have at home first. Stocking your home with the items you need is better than stocking up with items you might need and may never use. Getting organized in advance gives you the opportunity to shop early and take the pressure off.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful. Managing your time, avoiding clutter, and being organized can make all the difference in your holiday experience. If clutter remains a problem during the holidays, consider utilizing storage solutions to manage it all!