Our Top Ten Winter Moving Tips

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In the past week, we have jumped right from fall into winter here in Calgary. With mother nature showing us just a smidge of what she’s got in store for us this early in the year, it’s important to take note of these important winter moving tips.

Get Started As Early As Possible

Since it gets dark so early in the winter, you’re going to run short on daylight hours during your move. To make the most of the daylight, get started as early as possible. Moving in the dark is inconvenient and dangerous. When the ground is slippery, it’s important to be able to see clearly to be safe. Another plus-its warmer during the day too!

Shovel the Snow and Ice

You don’t want anyone to fall when moving items out of your old place or into your new one. Be sure to clear all snow and icy patches before you begin moving anything. Walking on a slippery surface is dangerous even when not carrying heavy boxes or furniture. Invest in some ice melt or hire a company/neighbourhood teen to handle the snow removal before you’re ready to leave your old home and arrive at your new one. This small expensive is super helpful on an already busy day.

Prepare Your Car

If you’re planning to move in the winter, be sure you have your winter washer fluid topped up, an ice scraper in the back seat and your winter tires on. Always keep an extra pair of mitts and toque readily accessible too. Stocking your car with an emergency kit and extra blankets is always a good idea, especially if you’re traveling for a long distance.

Keep Warm Drinks Nearby

You, your moving crew and your family/friends will probably need an extra warm up throughout the day. Pack your coffee pot or kettle in an easily accessible spot so you can turn it on as soon as you arrive at your destination and have hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. ready when you need it.

Watch the Weather Report

Leading up to your big move, keep an eye on the forecast. You’ll want to know about any incoming storms, so you can be prepared. In the event of a major storm, you may need to be flexible with your moving plans to avoid a dangerous situation.

Hire Help

Hiring a professional moving company at any time of the year makes this process much easier. When moving, driving a moving truck when you’re inexperienced in doing so can make for a very stressful and dangerous situation on bad roads. A professional mover already has all the experience needed. Plus, you get to stay warm and toasty, while your moving crew loads and unloads your items.

Don’t let moving in the winter stress you out! In Calgary, we are glad to help you with your moving needs. Contact Crate It Storage and Relocate Stress Free to help you out.